lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Prada in the Desert / Marfa (Texas)

Look as if a tornado had picked up Prada store and dropped it on a desolate strip of U.S 90 in West Texas. That is where Prada Marfa, a permanent sculpture by the Berlin artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset will be installed. (Actually it will go up in Valentine, Tex., about 26 miles outside Marfa, a town of 2,400 that has become a magnet for artist and art lovers.)
The sculpture is meant to look like a Padra Store, with minimalist stucco walls and window display housing real Prada shoes and handbags from the fall collection. 
But there is no working door.
The piece hints at subjects to which designers are sensitive : the unchecked growth of luxury brands, the temporal relevance of fashion, retail as tourism and a culture that is devotes to buying and selling. But Ms Villareal said that Miuccia Prada had given the artists the permission to use her trademark for the work. So also picked our shoes.

Emilie Duclaux

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  1. Si parece que un tornado dejó la tienda en medio de la nada! me gusta la idea, de seguro atraerá a muchos curiosos asomarse por la ventana del aparador.