lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Rodrigo Imaz

Rodrigo Imaz's images in his work are like codes that shape a direct language that allow us to deduce his work in a poetical way. You can find a lot of animal images that, for their characteristics, this animals can fade away and at the same time they can be ferocious predators, sometime this animals represent the pain that takeover our heads and does not allow us to think and to be we ourselves.
The graphic work that Rodrigo presents are complemented with interventions in public spaces, sometimes in a building in the middle of a street or sometimes in walls. This critical work on the current consumer societies and forces that rule this world its a paradox of the power of the nature on the prefabricates world that has been built with industrialization and technology.
His work is now in Distrito 14 gallery, in Monterrey Mexico. 

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